Composite Bonding

No injections No pain Same Day Results for you.

Composite Bonding is fast, pain free and offers immediate results.


Composite bonding (also known as tooth bonding or dental bonding) is an excellent solution to fix minor damage or gaps in your teeth.

Using Dr Harron’s years of expertise, a layer of composite resin will be applied to the tooth which will then be shaped to its original appearance. Looking completely natural the treatment will match the colour of your teeth giving a completely natural look,

What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is non intrusive and used to correct minor tooth imperfections. The most common use of composite bonding is when a patient has a chipped tooth, tooth gaps, discolouration or irregular structure.

How Does Composite Bonding Work?

As part of your smile design plan Dr Haroon and his team will have already perfectly matched your tooth colour which will be used as the foundation of your cosmetic bonding treatment.

Using a composite resin Dr Haroon will apply the treatment directly to the tooth’s enamel allowing him to restore the tooth to its original appearance or fix any imperfections which need corrective procedures to be carried out.

After the teeth have been shaped, a curing light is applied which hardens the composite resin providing the patient with a natural looking result, indistinguishable from the existing tooth enamel.

Questions About Composite Bonding

What are the benefits of composite bonding?

Composite bonding is pain free, requiring no drilling or injections meaning the majority of treatments can be completed in one session.

How much does composite bonding cost?

Each treatment is priced individually based on the work required and the complexity of the case. In general composite bonding starts at £150 per tooth.

As with all our treatments, composite bonding can be financed to help spread the cost to your budget.

How do I get started with composite bonding treatment?

As with all our treatments, we offer a completely free discussion with one of Dr Haroon’s treatment coordination team before consulting with Dr Haroon. The discussion allows us to understand your needs and give guidance and advice on which treatments are viable.